When a man hungers, it is G-d’s will that he ingest nutrition.

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If so, why should I cease my flowing so that you can get going? Ultimately the river split for Rabi Pinchos ben Yair and he accomplished his mission of pidyon sh’vuyim.

But the “conversation” between him and the river is significant in that it establishes beyond a shadow of a doubt that even inanimate things functioning according to the Laws of Nature are doing the will of the Creator, Ha Shem. Nature is no more G-d’s enemy than the veil is the face’s adversary.

When inanimate objects and living beings behave according to the laws of nature they are fulfilling the will of Ha Shem.

The great challenge with things behaving “naturally” is that they appear to be on autopilot.

Why and when the Divine Will chooses to superimpose the hanhagah nisis– the miraculous management of the cosmos upon and, apparently, against the hanhagah tiv’is– the natural management of the cosmos, is something that only the Divine Mind knows.

In this same vein many of us striving to make good moral/ethical choices and grow spiritually regard our own human natures as G-d-negating, mortal enemies. We associate them with our yetzer hara – inclination to evil.

We define a mitzvah as a thought, word or act having a positive and ethical charge.

What makes them “good” or positive is that they are consistent with, and fulfillments of, Ha Shem’s will.

The Divine Will that created the Laws of Nature and that continues to direct natural law often becomes obscured by natural processes.