That way, even if you can't stand each other, you'll at least have enjoyed the activity.

Play the Numbers Do you buy the first car you test drive? No, you sample a bunch, knowing that with each one, you're that much closer to figuring out exactly what you're looking for. Sometimes the "perfect on paper" car has a crappy stereo, sometimes the designer denim you craved makes your butt look weird…sometimes your date is going to be disappointing.

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But if you look for the good in someone, instead, you'll almost always find it.

Make the Most of It The only thing worse than meeting a boring date?

You find yourself trapped in negative talk: there's no one out there for me, they're all jerks, and I'll die alone.

Even when a date seems to be going well, it's easy to find yourself waiting for the catch to be revealed. Sunny, happy daters are much more fun to be around.

Here's how to shake off you dating blues and stay positive.

Speak Positive Think about it: do you want to hear a date who says nothing but a string of "can'ts," "won'ts" or "hates?

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