(Or particularly if they were winning.) All of which got me thinking, of course, of other format battles that were particularly influential for me.

A lot of what we remember as “radio battles” are revealed over the years to be merely attacks from which an incumbent station never recovered.

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And, in the background, a CHR battle between Paul Christy’s WABX, Mike Joseph’s WHYT and Pat Holiday’s CKLW–which got off six more good months as an AM music station.

5) Toronto’s AM Top 40 battle of the early ’80s – It’s still a touchstone for most Canadian broadcasters today.

When Don Kelly and Barry Mayo converted it to WRKS (98.7 Kiss) the next year with similar music to its rivals but a more codified presentation, the battle would take another turn.

4) Detroit’s four-way Urban FM battle in 1982-83 — WGPR was rough hewn but the home of the Electrifyin’ Mojo, who outdid Crocker for eclecticism and made the B-52’s a core Urban artist in Detroit for several years.

There was KRBE, a ’70s high-energy holdover under Clay Gish where the band Kiss was still a core artist.

(Not a bad thing.) KRLY was evolving from Disco to Top 40 and doing one of the first “outrageous stunt” contests.WRBQ (Q105) Tampa’s response to “Power Pig” WFLZ, in retrospect, looks pretty typical – a few months of refusing to budge followed by a period of overreaction.During the first phase, it was much more exciting as a radio person to hear WFLZ.Then it was exciting to hear Q105, but for the wrong reasons.So here are ten great format battles – some well-known, many less so.It was Atkins’ musically aggressive tenure that prompted then Q93 consultant Jerry Clifton to remark that while anybody could tighten the list, very few people could expand it and find 50 records that deserved to be on the air. WDFX (the Fox) Detroit in the late ’80s/early ’90s – Okay, so having been in Detroit on the day that “Step by Step” by New Kids on the Block came out seems like a barren source of amusement now, but these two stations made it seem like a big deal then.