Unlike many celebrities, she can be seen without makeup and look not only good but great.

Indeed, Trina’s obsession with appearance only becomes clear when you realize just how much is at stake for her with this next video which, per the tradition of music videos, is intended to promote “Money Ain’t a Problem,” another recent single “You” (described quite accurately by as “an open letter to a man who had his chance”), as well as a record slated for release later this year.

Trina first gained notoriety in 1998 with her appearance on Trick daddy's, billboard second studio album com on the single ''Nann Nigga' Source Magazine celebrated Trina's career for the 2012 Women's History month.

In a clip from tonight’s upcoming episode of “Braxton Family Values,” exclusively obtained by Madame Noire, the pop-singing divorcee introduces her sisters to her new beau, Jacent.

Like many Braxton family meetings, the introduction took place at a restaurant.

During Trina’s interview at Power 105.1, Trina said this when asked about the rumor: Earlier this week, BET announced their 2011 nominees for the annual award show that will take place in L.

NBA power forward who was selected first overall by the New Jersey Nets in 2000 after being named the NCAA's AP Player of the Year with Cincinnati.

Splash News Trina Braxton has a man at home—and praise Jesus, it’s not Gabe Solis.

Just a few months after the finalization of Trina’s divorce, we’ve learned that there’s a new man in the reality star’s life.

We reached out to her about the break-up and the track ...

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