She then told Prince over a week later that she was still bleeding heavily and growing increasingly concerned, so she had spoke with a doctor who had said she needed to go in and have a procedure done to remove the lining of her uterus.

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The relationship between ESPN's senior writer Mina Kimes and her husband can be termed relationship goals, as made evident by their wedding glimpse, stacked up in the pictures they share. Now, if one picture defines the depth of it in thousand words, imagine how much impact will several photos make?

Like we mentioned above, a picture speaks a thousand words about the content it carries.

Did you know, Mina has a tattoo on her right inner bicep where "XLVIII" is inked?

Well, Mina's tattoo is the one which she dedicated to a Seahawk victory in the Superbowl series!

“And so he adopted the symbol as his name – to say, ‘Hey I’m not that person, that sellout, I’m unique’ – in 1993.” “At the time [the symbol was created], he was dating [ex-wife] Mayte [Garcia] and he was very much into mythology,” says Tschetter.

“That really drove his intent to create this icon.” So what does the symbol mean, anyway?This despite the fact that Mayte's own life was at risk.Mayte writes that the first trimester of her pregnancy had been going great, and that she felt good and all signs were pointing toward a healthy baby.He said nothing, voiced no concern and did not even volunteer to accompany his wife.Once she got to the doctors and had her ultrasound the bad news was confirmed, there was no heartbeat.They have been very selective about expressing their relationship facts and the details about how they put up to one another.