So Ji-Sub, born November 4, 1977, is a famous South Korean movie and television actor. I started to tell my clients (Korean) that I watch Korean drama and they ask me which is my favorite, suddenly she said then you should watch "The Master Sun" I watched "oh my venus" twice and "the master's sun" I watched it 5 times, I'm a workaholic and love my job, and now I'm ready to fall in love all over again because of your romantic drama show. Now Im watching all of your drama and movies, and Im keeping to fall in love... It seems that jo si sub is being duscovered and rediscovered anew..a lot of comments that I read come back and watch his dramas all over again.I do.His immediately family consists of his parents and one younger sister. God Bless and keep up the good work and more shows to come :) I really love your acting. It might be impossible but I wish I could meet you one day... He is so talented, and is ine of Korea's sensitive actor.

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He plays as Prince Sado's Son who (I think) later becomes King. Sometimes you have to give constructive criticism for a person to grow in his/her skill. Btw, I hope you'll open a V App account for your faithful fans around the world. It still awes me much that I do not recall when I registered the name 'So Ji-sub' in my head. I like your haircut it really suit in your character. Love that you have continued with your dream of hip hop and rap, love that you are sharing your dream with fans worldwide.... In my opinion So Ji-Sub is among one of the most versatile actors of this day and age. A and I am looking forward to seeing him cast in a drama or film in the near future. Its been such an amazing year for you and thank you for giving back to the fans.. I love all your work and continue to watch Cain & Abel as one of my favourites... I watched a youtube program about reunification and they spoke to a Jean (I will leave out her Korean last name.). I wish that "Master's Sun" can have a part two Or at least another drama series with the same leading lady Ms. I really love your chemistry you two are cute together even on interviews you two look like a real couple. i hope you will have another movie with the same leading lady. He could prove he's the real talented actor since Glass Slippers.

His roles have been the same for the past few years and I'm saying this as his hardcore fan. SJS is phenomenal on his acting especially in Oh My Venus. While many fans of So began falling in love with him from I'm Sorry, I Love You, I am still struggling with my memories as to when I started to learn about So. Looking forward to 'Oh My God' with the gorgeous Shin Min Ah...will be wonderful to see you again on the small screen, OMG! Thank you so much for the love and hard work you continue to do for the fans.... I loved him in "Rough Cut", "Always", and "Master's Sun" (My fav Kdrama of all time.) I know most folks will say that "Mianhada Saraghanda" was his best work, and maybe that's true but I guess I will never find out since I didn't get past episode 3 when I realized that there was not going to be a happy ending (I stay clear away from dramas that don't have happy endings) but yah so this is why I am one of the minority who agree that another work of his is the best instead of the drama that made So Ji-Sub a household name. I wish him all the best in all his future endeavors :) hey So ji sub, i miss you so much ! Appreciate all your music and congratulations and belated birthday wishes, may you continue to be happy, healthy and blessed as you continue your journey of life. Hope that the rest of 2014 will continue to shine and be successful for you and that 2015 will bring you more happiness, love and blessings always.... seems I have watched all his drama movie and all sjs you tube over and over and over again... what's keeping u busy (hope not chasing women he he ) ill be in korea by next year see yah!! You are a very talented person a Model, Singer, Businessman and an Actor . Super-duper attractive & sexy far much more than any other actors. First class performances from SJS & GHJ.a beautiful dialect, such passionate acting, the chemistry on screen was pure magic...

Maybe act the character of a coward, a king or one with a disability. But after I watched Oh my Venus, it turns out that he also have a very good on screen chemistry with Shin Min Ah. It Will be a pleasure to see playing along with Hwang jung Eum, Yoon Eun Hye or Park Shin Hye...please accept another good project in 2016.... His sex appeal is then a further gift, but I guess that this quality is due because of a charming and interesting personality. I cannot believe to this day, I am still a little depressed as to the mother being kept in the dark about her twins until the very end. His gesture that goes with 'get lost' is hard to slip one's mind. His solitude and quiet demeanor captivates me when he's in his roles. I admire those inspiring moments in his movies but I can be forgetful. I'm hoping to watch One Sunny Day but we don't have Line TV here in the Philippines.... (venting my frustrations..if talking personally with Ji Sub Oppa lol) I so miss you oppa , i hope you will return to the small screen with the upcoming drama( remake version of taiwanese in time with you) starring ha ji won as the lead female, please accept if you get the offer to appear as the lead male! If he worked in California , he would tell those people what he thought. I really love to saw you two together,even though just in drama. i love yu in all the way,acting,music,and real life! If I'll be given a chance to go to Korea the first thing that i will do is to see you in person. we are birthday twins :3 I LOVE SO JI SUB and his acting. The first tv drama I've ever watched that gives me interest and inspiration to follow his shining star. I love his acting and his eyes are very expressive he looks like Nicholas Cage in some angle. I became So Ji Sub's crazy fan in just a couple of months. Two thumbs up for his acting ;-) I hope can see him not in my dream and imaginatiom. He was fabulous in the Master's Sun, it was great to see another side of him, but he was ridiculous in The Company Man, Sorry I Love You & I absolutely loved him in Always. Great acting by SJS which can turn Joo Joong Won's character with very well. So Ji Sub, you are such an amazing actor and YES YOU ARE !!! @ ei ei: I feel you it seems So Ji Sub's character always die or at least almost die. Congratulations and well done on such a great depiction of our Joo Joong Won - you made this role your own, and again, your passion and commitment has kept this character in our (all females) minds and our lives forever (referring to Soompi forum, LOL! GHJ was also amazing in her role and delivery of Tae Gong Shil, such chemistry and warmth you have both on screen... So Ji Sub is one actor that as he aged he become more and more irresistibly charming.

I don't know, I'd just like more versatility from someone as popular as him. Love you Bisoux I didn't know about you until I watched Oh My Venus.I become your die hard fan ever since. Now with #Oh My Venus Excellent drama with a lovely couple . I like So playing a more cheerful role like what he has done for Master's Sun. I've been Googling So a lot, news, images, details, you name it. But those sad eyes linger on for many years to come. and oh i will love to see you and Jeon Ji Hyun pairing together some time. KINGDOM CEO, So Ji Sub Your movie Master Sun is the best i ever watched. I hope to meet you, and have a remembrance photo and autograph. Thanks for being an inspiration to us (your fans) Saranghae! he is sooo funny, awesome, CUTEEEE and an amazing actor. So I began to browsed the net about SJS previous dramas and films and everything like "what happened in Bali", "Road No. I wasn't satisfied so I looked for more I watched Cain and Abel I loved it! I'm sorry, I love you it was a heart breaking story also then I watched "A thousand years of love" hahahaha. I'ved searched and watched sweet proposal and we're dating now since yesterday and today I've been reading write-ups about his book 길 I'm planning to buy one the other day I bought an issue of a magazine where he was the cover. I laughed out loud watching him at Mohun Tujun's Infinite challenge. He does that "dark-shy-scary-strong-madly-in-love character soooo well. I really admire you and appreciate all your hard work. But i understand why they cast him to play those characters for he has an aura especially when you look at his eyes that needs to be protected yet you can still see his masculinity. haha First notice you in the drama "glass slippers". And again you totally got me at " I am sorry, I love you". I love his resonant voice; its very manly, warm and sexy. He had proven enough when it comes to drama and recently he showed a different side of his acting skills via rom-com The Master's Sun.

In 2009 Ji-seob appeared in his first television drama in five years with the big-budget SBS series "Cain and Abel." Ji-Sub then signed to work on the internationally financed film "Sophie's Revenge," in a supporting role opposite Chinese actresses Zhang Ziyi & Fan Bingbing. Although it is late, I am claim my self as Ji-Sub fans now. The shape, the contours and the size are perfect on your face. How I wish it was me but I know it is impossible so I'll just be happy to who ever lucky girl catches your heart. Thank you for giving me the strenghth the courage to move on, eventhough there is no Coach like you but i will keep u in my mine. You are handsome, has a great talent as an actor, and among other attributes has a wonderful physique.

At the Korean press conference for "Sophie's Revenge" So Ji-Sub stated, "After getting out of the military I wanted to challenge myself as an actor with new projects, and China is a new start."[1] I became ur hard core fan after watching 'oh! I will support him, and very looking forward for his activity right now. I just love his acting in Master's sun, oh my venus, i'm sorry i love you (one of the best classic korean drama of all times) and the movie always (2011). I'm looking forward to his upcoming movie the battlefield. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Professionally I think So Ji Sub is one of those great male actors that can do anything they put their minds too. I've watched some of so jisub k drama and I find very good in acting ..he' s a natural born actor .can see that he' very serious and focused in every project snd movies that he had.. I am so glad you did not do any enhancement to them because they're really your trademark. But what I admire most about you is that you seem to be a very humble person. ) Korean movies are great and very realistic and there are usually not many miracles in them.

Ji-seob was not satisfied with his earlier performance in the 2002 film "Can't Live Without Robbery" and became drawn to the character of Gang-pae in "Rough Cut" due to the depth of his character and his position in life. ..once u visit India or else I'll definitely come finding u at Korea? Learning on how's talent he has or how's intention he pay to his work and how's nice of him. I have watch his act in local TV over 10 years ago in Sorry, I love you and What Happened in Bali. he may not the so called superstar nowadays but he could beat any actor .. You'll break my heart if you'll get married So Ji Sub, I still want you to be happy. It looks good on you, makes you look younger than your age. I used to be fit and healthy but over the 4 years, I became lazy, no more exercise in my daily routine. Well, can imagine over the years my weight is almost exceeded 70kg.

"Rough Cut" would go on to garner critical and commercial success, helping to make So Ji-Sub even more popular. I really love So Jisub especially in his recent drama Oh My Venus. Frankly speaking that I'm the one of many women that falling in love to Sojisub..ha ha Keep up the work and hope to see him in person whether in Korea or Thailand. I just re-watch I'm Sorry, I love you again and I think this is the best classic drama ever. He is doing very good, (I think it's best) in all serious and dark character, but recently after watching Oh My Venus and Master's Sun, I found that Ji-Sub is damned so cute! I may;) After watching a couple of movies of So Ji Sub, I am watching his Korean music videos. Having said that, I really really want to watch So Ji Sub in American music videos as well. ) Some of my favorite singers of music videos include Taylor Swift, Britney Spear, Cristina Aguilera, etc. So Ji Sub - you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Hope you'l meet the woman who will understand your work and still loves you. I took up belly dance class lately, started to do some work out while watching ur movie. Mr So Ji Sub You have been blessed by God with some wonderful attributes.

He truly a good actor, he has talent to move someone heart through his act. I watch korean drama but not fan of any korean actors since i started watch Oh my Vinus its cute couple,currently watching CAIN &ABEL even dont have english subtittle , i think its a biblical name a brother who wants to kill his brother abel because of jelousy and insecurities and power,im , rare to do a comment, So ji sub have a charisma even he do a serious role the people will watch him have a wide smile on their face, best assets of ji sub is his lips and eyes that all girls to see you in person somewhere out there over the rain bow hahaha, looking forward of your up coming project. I always have a high expectations in his projects and his acting never fails. I wouldn't have noticed him if my ahjumma didn't encourage me to watch his "rom-com", Oh My Venus. I've watched his drama and film and it's making me like him more. I hope you'll come back in drama land soon and paired with beautiful and competent actress. You have an amazing ability to capture your emotions and beam them through your eyes. Loved you in Oh my Venus and that got me onto your other dramas and films. You also seem to possess a quiet strength which comes across forcefully in your acting. They are good very good thank you for being such a good actor.

Shin Min Ah played his trainee/lover very well too, it's nice to see another unnie with dimples. I have unhealthy obsession on him, i think i fell in love into his soul. After wandering into all things about him, from youtube and 1250 page at soompi forum i got deeper and deeper fell into his charm. I am not talking about a physical strength, but a spiritual strength that has developed due to something(s) you have experienced in your life. Marlis His best drama to date is still (I'm sorry, I love You). I really love this actor eversince I 've watched The Master's Sun from then I followed and wathced all his dramas and movies every now and then over youtube.

Both of you really deserve the Best Couple Award recently. I am certain you will continue to deliver the best in your acting, singing as well as your business. Oh my venus, master's sun, pathom and im sorry i love and more and it been such an amazing ride. I really hope he keep on challeging himsealf and keep up getting better. I have come to adore you as an actor...while, I haven't seen all of the dramas or movies you have been in, it is a mission to do so. i like to visit ASIANWIKI and ever since i have known the usefulness of this website, i think there is no day that i haven't visited this website.. He is such complex character and you gave him so much edge. In all the dramas I have seen you in you give 100% and that make it such a pleasure to watch the characters you create. Thanks for all the hard work everyone put into this drama! The latest drama that I'm watching is The Master's Sun.