When asked why there was such a long gap between projects, Carter said, "And I guess what took so long was that I was busy learning, figuring out what kind of music I wanted to make.

And, you know, really seeing what I identified with." So, you'll never guess what conclusion he arrived at.

From the bizarre manner in which he's half-transformed himself into Michael Jackson, to his cringeworthy performance on Howard Stern, the star of show performances of his songs, "Go 4 It" and "Take A Stand." After the first performance was universally mocked, Feldman released a tearful video on Facebook, claiming he was "petrified" to leave his house.

So, naturally it only took a month for him to return to the show with a second, even more baffling performance, complete with a controversy over him throwing an American flag on the floor.

Lately, Feldman's been making the media rounds again to participate in the #Me Too movement by shedding new light on the alleged Hollywood pedophile ring that he's been hinting at for years.

And while his courage to speak truth to power is great, his attempt to crowdfund a movie based on his allegations—which started with a goal of $10 million dollars, but has already been reduced to $1 million dollars—is perhaps not as noble. And yet, she's also recently flexed the diva muscle usually reserved for stars who haven't been photographed drunkenly stumbling in and out of clubs for years.

According to , he had an embarrassingly public break-up and meltdown that culminated in a bust for DUI and drug possession, which ultimately landed him in rehab.

As of this writing, he's supposedly sober and staying healthy, but as a result, his professional comeback already seems to be stalled.Honestly, would a good friend have done either of those things?And that might sound harsh, but remember, we're talking about a guy who calls himself @The Dooch Man on Twitter, and whose official website makes sure to let everyone know when his name is mentioned on real TV shows. , he said that entire bar fight story was blown out of proportion.But even grimier than his attempt to cash in on a fake sex tape — "I had to take a chance. " — was his "tell-all" book, , in which he painted the worst possible descriptions of his former cast mates in between gross anecdotes about how much sex he had as a result of his teenage stardom. In that same where he addressed his cast mates and said, "I'm sorry that this has taken advantage of me, the book and other situations I'm sure we'll talk about here, but I'm sure that you've experienced downfalls as well in your time, and I'm still lovin' you guys." So, once again, he took the bare minimum of responsibility possible.With his bad boy image an admitted ruse, Diamond would now like to reinvent himself again, telling that he wants to continue acting although he's still struggling to "break free from the mold" of the "phenom role of the Screech character." Yep, that's the whole problem right there.Bonaduce claims he and Cassidy were great friends ever since appearance, Bonaduce supposedly reacts for the first time to seeing clips of Cassidy having trouble recalling words to his most famous song.