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With her fingers and her manicured nails covered in red polish, the mature waitress started rubbing her younger lover's clit and pussy.

Germaine could feel Cindy coming with high intensity in the palm of her hand.

Just like she did with Germaine's beautiful bosom previously, she began sucking her pussy lips harder.

Cindy could feel Germaine's hand caressing her hair and cramming her head right into her pussy.

However, the mature waitress heard rumors about her younger lover and she could confirm them: Cindy is indeed a terrific kisser.

While Germaine felt her younger lover's body with her warm hands, Cindy looked up noticing the amazing chandelier just right above the stairs.She watched her mature lover kissing and licking her legs, lifting her tight black skirt up so that her booty was fondled and kissed incessantly.Cindy put her hand on top of the fireplace, allowing herself to bend down a few degrees so that Germaine can lick her pussy good.She put her fingers into her mouth, tasting Cindy's sweet delicacy. " Germaine said as she started kissing Cindy's tattoo above her left breast, and sucking her boobs.Germaine stood up, kissing Cindy in front of the fireplace before she held her hand. Cindy could feel her lover's nice tight squeeze on her curvy butt, while her boobs were still being sucked avidly. " Germaine said as Cindy turned around, her booty facing her.A tall lit lamp was standing beside one of the white chairs.