The text continues to comprehensively cover baking basics while also offering enhanced coverage of higher-level techniques such as pastry, chocolate, and sugar work.

Balancing theory and practice, Professional Baking provides both the understanding and performance abilities needed to progress and develop in a successful baking career.

The main predictors were childhood socioeconomic position (SEP) and health, and individual-level adult achievement and health.

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Mix for two minutes, add the salt and keep mixing for another three minutes.

Make a round shape with it and leave to rest for one hour.

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The assignment wasn’t as easy as he’d anticipated, the telegenic chef confesses before whipping up a lovely brown miche that appears far more mouth watering than the carbonized round found in the Herculaneum oven.

His recipe could be mistaken for modern sourdough, but he also has a go at several details that speak to bread’s role in ancient Roman life: Its perimeter has a cord baked in to provide for easy transport home. Those who didn’t buy direct from a bakery took their dough to community ovens, where it was baked for them overnight. This is true of the 80 loaves found in the ovens of the unfortunate baker, Modestus.

Methods: We examined a prospective, national probability cohort study (Health and Retirement Study; 1998-2010) of older adults (n = 8,833) in the contiguous 48 United States.

The main cognitive functioning outcome was a 35-point composite of memory (recall), mental status, and working memory tests.

Put some string around it to keep its shape during cooking.

Make some cuts on top before cooking to help the bread rise in the oven and cook for 30–45 minutes at 200 degrees.

INGREDIENTS 400g biga acida (sourdough) 12g yeast 18g gluten 24g salt 532g water 405g spelt flour 405g wholemeal flour Melt the yeast into the water and add it into the biga.