Fung was quick to add that Shu Qi wasn't pregnant, quashing any rumours that may arise from the private wedding.In June this year, Shu Qi and Fung were spotted in Hong Kong for a shoot.Last night, Shu Qi flew to Taiwan to meet with her lover.

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Shu Qi’s (舒淇) romance with Leehom Wang (王力宏) has always been buried underground.

However, the couple may be tired of their romance being unable to be revealed in the daylight.

Shu Qi said that many people, like her, are stuck in a paradox.

“Those who are single envy those who are married, but married couples envy those who are single.

After her close friends got married and started their own families, Shu Qi finally started questioning her previous beliefs on the irrelevancy of marriage. She was really young back then – she gave birth to me when she was 18 years old. She believed that she wasn’t able to chase her dreams when she was young because she had to raise a child.

That’s why my mom thought that marriage will waste your youth and your life away.” Shu Qi initially upheld similar values, but they began to change as she aged.

Heavily influenced by her mother, Shu Qi once believed that marriage was a waste of one’s youth.

Despite romantic links with Stephen Fung (馮德倫) for 17 years, Shu Qi continues to maintain they are only friends.

A close friend spilled, “Shu Qi’s love for him was painful and full of distress.