Hi me and my husband separated 2 months ago due to the fact he committed adultery although he admitted it n is now denying it.

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At first he said he would borrow against the house so he could afford somewhere so that our two girls could stay with him - I said no.

I read on the Internet that a court could possibly say that we could say in the house until the girls left full time education, assuming we both paid our share of the mortgage and kept joint ownership.

my mortgage provider will not allow me to have the mortgage soley in my name as my income isn't high enough for the amount of the mortgage.

so my question is can he force me to sell as i can not afford to buy him out n can't have the mortgage in my sole name or does he have to have his name kept on the mortgage n just sign something to say he hasn't paid anything towards it from the date he stops paying it?

I'm not sure this is helpful but I'm sure others will post on here giving you some advice. Hi thank u both for your replies think im sort of understanding a little better.

There is only 30k equity in the house n that's if it sells at full price and i can't get a mortgage on my salary so does that mean i will keep the house?

My husband left suddenly a year ago when I found that he was having an affair with his young female work colleague and they are still living together and renting a flat. Like you no one seemed to be able to give me a straight answer about the house in the beginning when he first left.

As regards our house, we had a joint mortgage on a three bedroom house.

It all seems to depend on how much equity you have in your house if it is sold, if you have any savings or inheritance that you can use and how much you could raise if you got a mortgage on your own.