The single parents, the immigrant working two minimum wage jobs to scrape a meager living together, the disabled woman eking her way through life on the tiniest of salaries, while desperately trying to belong to a working society, all get a word in with the eccentric livewire that is Russell Brand.There is humor, like when he interrupts an intimate meeting with students to inform one of them that he’s wearing ‘murderers’ gloves’, the magnificently over-the-top, when he climbs over the gate of Lord Rothermere’s lavish home, to discuss the Lord’s “non-dom” status (the Lord was away), his obvious affection for children, as witnessed during his ‘house-calls’ to the downtrodden members of London society, and in visits to the city’s schools but also, a passion not always associated with this generation’s comic actors.

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“The Emperor’s New Clothes,” hosted by another personality, may have been yet another downbeat social commentary on how we’re all getting screwed, but with Brand’s wit, outrageousness and dare I say it wisdom, it’s a whole lot more.

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Republish Reprint There was a time, not so long ago, where Russell Brand was not that well-known a political activist.

Just a few years ago, the comic began adding his name to a number of often celebrity-driven political causes.

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a film he says he was compelled to make after the tragic death of his close friend, Amy Winehouse.