Bigger worlds, more realistic graphics, more weapons and modes and content!

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Off-topic threads get deleted pretty quickly, there are dedicated topics for each currently airing series, that kind of stuff.

Overall, the moderators have been doing a pretty great job.

They experiment more, and when you pick up a Japanese game, you know that what you’re getting may not always be good, but it’s certainly going to be interesting and unique in some way.

Western games, on the other hand, tend to be a bit more formulaic, focused instead on pushing the envelope of technology.

And don’t get me wrong, they’re probably still going to sell – by all accounts “Mass Effect Andromeda” is not a good game, released in a shoddy state and plagued by terrible writing and characterization, and yet it still managed to outsell “Nier: Automata”, one of the best action-RPGs ever made. Everyone else that is even marginally connected to anime is doing it, so… And later on, when everyone and their mother realized that “Shelter” is one of the best animated music videos of all time, garnering over 3.5 million views at the time of this writing, suddenly those very same people were sending it to me. In any case, don’t be dumb like my friends and go watch “Shelter” if you haven’t already.

Western games may be doomed to be inferior to their Japanese counterparts, but no matter what they will always sell better. It’s 6 minutes long, and I promise you every second is worth it.

Anyway, my friends’ idiocy aside, there was another incident which happened pretty early on in the short’s lifespan which kind of helped boost its popularity even further, because as we all know controversy sells.

/r/anime is one of the biggest communities for sharing anime stuff around, and that’s because it’s a very tightly moderated subreddit (subforum of the social media site Reddit).

Japan, on the other hand, does things a bit differently.