There was no silver bullet, but each setting allowed my airport connection to become more stable, and the combination of all of these changes has sustained a connection without dropping: * Changed DHCP auto settings to manual – now I manually set my IP address on the network, I just set something high so it wouldn’t interfere with other DHCP machines.As long as you have the subnet mask, router, and DNS settings configured manually as well, this shouldn’t be a problem.Check out more information on when and how to reset your SMC.

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* Launch Disk Utility * Select the External Firewire/USB device that you want to use as the boot drive for the upgrade * Click “Partition” from the menu options * Select 1 Partition, then click “Options” below the partition scheme * Select the top option for “GUID Partition Table” – it MUST be GUID to be bootable!

* Click OK to create the GUID partition (this will reformat the drive, ie: all data is lost) * Next, click the “Restore” tab within Disk Utility * Select your newly made Snow Leopard 10.6 Install DVD image and restore this image to the GUID partition you just created OR…

After Mansherry was rescued, Jora noted that her power can restore the SMILE Factory in the case that it was destroyed, knowing that her abilities can even repair buildings at the cost of her lifespan being shortened.

Trebol also stated that Mansherry's powers can restore the factory after its destruction.

* Disabled “Wireless G only” Mode – what seems to have finally sealed the deal was disabling ‘Wireless G Only’ mode that I had set on my router, yea things could theoretically be a little slower but I haven’t noticed, and I’ll wait an extra millisecond or two for a webpage to load if it means I can use my Mac Book wirelessly at home as intended.

Interestingly enough, I tried doing each of these things entirely on it’s own and it did not resolve the problem, it was the combination of everything that seems to have ‘fixed’ my airport connection problems.I’m reposting this here not only as some sort of catharsis but also in the event that it helps someone else troubleshoot their wireless problems in 10.6.Here’s what I did to fix my Airport wireless connection from dropping in Snow Leopard.As some readers pointed out, this step isn’t required.If you do need to, you can create a DMG file of the Snow Leopard disk, this is very easy.Update: Mac OS X 10.6.3 has been released and contains a few Airport bug fixes, it would be wise to install that software update in addition to trying these tips.