Exit Power Broker, log back in as the user, and try your letter again.

We repeated the same steps at the second computer and it fixed it as well.

The anti-virus was uninstalled, restarted the pc, and it no longer kicked the user out of Power Broker. The customer was then instructed to go to Google, and do a search for AVG Free and to install this alternate anti-virus for now.

While Running Power Tools16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem \BRO\FOXRUN.

PIFc:\windows\system32\The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows Applications. Close/Ignore If you receive this error, click 'OK', Microsoft Word will launch the letter. Uninstall AVG Free 8.0, restart your computer, and try again.

You will have to setup up the home folders with a mapped drive letter.

You will have to setup home folder for the Citrix users instead of running through C:\documents and settings for their local files.This happens when you use C:\ drive as the destination directory of your Excel file.Either create a folder on your C:\ drive and add this to your path, or direct the file to the \BRO folder on your server since it should have full permissions.Once deleted, exit Power Broker, go to start, run, browse to the \bro folder and find a file called msword_and launch this file.Once launched, it's going to update the templates again.These documents are usually created when a word document is having issues saving/retrieving from the server.