Turning on Eco mode slows the engine, reducing noise and power output.The exhaust smell on cold startup initially was kind of toasty, probably the cylinder priming oil burning off.

I also recommend registering it for warranty coverage reasons.

There are aftermarket parts to make the oil change easier, I highly recommend them.

Get the DC battery charging cables and a cover for the unit too.

Use the OEM Honda accessories as they are of good quality. These are made in Thailand by Thai Honda LTD the same group that built our 2013 Honda PCX150 ^^ That machine is amazing :) The fuel economy of this little generator is fantastic. If it was made in Japan I would have given it extra stars in the review.

The culture in Japan results in superior build quality. I am very curious how the plastics will hold up over long periods of time.

It will be interesting to see how this holds up over time. Not cheap, we got ours on sale at Home Depot for 9.

Put fuel stabilizer in the gas to keep it from oxidizing.

Completely read the user manual before unboxing the machine.

This is not a soft noise that you could speak over at low volume voice conversations if you are close to it.