If you're playing the eye-contact game with a girl across the room already, this is a perfect line to use.

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All in all, it’s best to have a few pickup lines up your sleeve to pull out and use to meet different women.

To get you started, here are the 15 best pickup lines for men that will actually work to help you meet more women.

They appreciate the time you took to come up with one, and the confidence you had to walk over and say it.

Of course, there’s a fine line between a good conversation starter and a comically-bad pickup line.

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Support Us Here’s a secret: Girls say they hate pickup lines, but privately most girls love them.When you explore the science behind pickup lines, you learn that they are basically seen as an advertisement to women to showcase who you are.Therefore, they produce the best results when they are catered to individual women.10.i-cant-stop-looking-at-how-gorgeous-you-are-if-i-kiss-you-will-i-get-slapped" class="see btn btn-info btn-block btn-buy-primary" target="_blank" data-fave="26600" onclick="ga('send', 'event', 'Article This one is for the guy who isn't afraid of rejection.You compliment her first, "I can't stop looking at how gorgeous you are." and then you ask the kissing question.To avoid the latter, you’ll want to use a pickup line that makes her laugh with you, not at you.