Scott Moir and partner Tessa Virtue produced one of their best seasons ever in 2016-17, going undefeated en route to their third career world title.Included in that was their first ever win at the ISU Grand Prix Final as they enjoyed a successful comeback after a two-year hiatus from competition.

tessa virtue and scott moir dating 2016-8

"You look good daddy." She joked, watching as a smile lit up his face (almost erasing all the traces of weariness on his face.) "Kaitlyn is that you?

"He gave her a quick smile before lifting up the curtain to lead her inside.

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Bye angelfaces Okay this is totally random but has anyone realized that Jim Virtue (Tessa's Dad) looks lie Mr.

An exhausted but ecstatic looking Scott Moir appeared from behind a curtain hurrying over to meet her before pulling her into a large hug.

"Thanks so much for coming, sorry it was such short notice."She took in his dark circles and slight stubble trying not to giggle at the fact she was seeing a disheveled Scott in the flesh.

Tessa is a 20 year old single skater and Scott is a 22 year old ice dancer whose partner just got hurt.

Scott's partner decides to retire after her injury but Scott decides to look for a new partner in hopes of going to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, he's about to give up his search when Tessa shows up for a tryout and sparks fly. If any of you have recommendations of any good multi-chapter Alternate Universe OR any regular multi-chapter fics I should read please write the name of the author and the name of the fic in the comments or shoot me a message :)Hey everyone I'm looking for a story I read awhile back and can't seem to find anymore.

They had taken a break to perform solely in tours and exhibitions after winning two silver medals at Sochi 2014 in the ice dance event and as part of the inaugural Olympic team event.

Virtue and Moir had produced one of the most memorable moments of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games when they captured gold in front of the supportive home crowd, becoming the first North American ice dancers to be crowned Olympic champions.

Their momentum was slowed in the fall of 2008 when Virtue underwent surgery on both shins, causing them to miss the first half of the season, but they returned to win bronze at the 2009 World Championships.