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Cruz was born as the eldest of three and a natural performer; her father, Eduardo, worked as a car mechanic, and her mother, Encarna, was a hairdresser.

As a child, Cruz amused her family by re-enacting television commercials.

Her resumé continued to grow over the following few years, clocking up three or four films each year.

In 1997, Cruz took the role of Isabel Plaza Caballero in —marking the first time that she worked with internationally renowned director Pedro Almodóvar, who, in turn, became a lifelong friend, as well as her vehicle for global fame.

Those qualities brought me a lot of problems since I was a little girl in school, saying ‘I don’t agree’ and fighting with the children.

It’s part of my curiosity for life." When she was 15 years old, Cruz found her true vocation after beating out 300 other girls at a talent agency competition.Part Chilean as well as Irish and German, Shay’s beauty got as much attention as her dance moves, and she began modeling. “I’ve had girls walk up to me and ask me, even ask if they can get a feel,” she told Primitive Shoes.“Someone told me I have a great face and that I should look into it,” Shay told Primitive Shoes in an interview for the company’s blog. I’ve fallen in love with it ever since, just so fun and laid back.” Shay’s natural curves also help. The curves and good looks have helped her get work for Neutrogena and Nike, as well as photos for . “The other half of my life I’ve had people staring at me because they think I’m fascinating. “There was a youth club there with a low-key studio, and they’d have guys rapping, and I’d put the chorus down on the track.” The singer – whose mother was a salsa dancer – moved to London to attend dance school at 17 but dropped out after several weeks to pursue her music career. She can be spotted dancing in a bunch of music videos. “Half of my life I’ve had people staring at me because they think I’m funny-looking and ugly,” she told . Growing up in the small town of Tewkesbury, FKA twigs “started getting interested in dancing and music because there isn’t very much else to do [there],” she told .And Shay has a strong Instagram following, where she often posts her modeling work.