If you are not a natural optimist, I hope that you will find these traits inspiring.Make a conscious choice to build these habits into your daily life.With these services, you can buy a gift to help someone less fortunate than you.

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The simplest things sometimes have the most meaning.

So, if you’re stuck for 60th birthday gift ideas for women, here are a few to consider, based on our experience with the 500,000 women in our Sixty and Me community. Fortunately, making your wife or mother’s dreams come true is easier than ever. K, Activity Gifts offers everything from beauty makeovers or drawing classes. If you hear a woman say “I have always wanted to __________,” you can help to make her dream come true.

After three years of doing gentle yoga, I feel like a different person. If you don’t like the idea of cut flowers, you can give her a live plant.

I wish someone had bought be yoga DVDs for my birthday. Don’t settle for a random flower arrangement from the local shop. Or, what about a collection of herbs that she can put in her window? Flowers speak to a woman’s heart so can be the simplest and most rewarding gift to give. Make the experience of giving a positive one for both of you. You also can’t go wrong with a simple smile and giving 30 minutes of your time to just be together and share the event being celebrated.

Unfortunately, positivity is not equally distributed after 60.

While some of us are having the time of our lives, others are still looking for direction, dealing with loneliness or looking to the past.

If you have been paying attention over the years, you know all those little things that she would buy just to treat herself.

You were paying attention to what she was saying, right? So, find a gorgeous basket and fill it with an assortment of her favorite teas, coffees and chocolates. Perhaps you can add a bottle of a wine that she loves from a place you visited together.

Choosing a 60th birthday gift for a special woman in your life is tough.