Reap the benefits of natural walnut oil and keep your locks feeling just like silk with one application of this hair serum from Streax.Enriched with Walnut Oil Walnut oil helps to keep your strands stronger and smoother and the rich moisture of the serum ensures that your hair receives healthy protection from damage all through the day.It is a decent hair serum with a sweet fragrance of walnut oil, which can be overwhelming for some people, but to me, it was mild and soothing. Compared to Loreal serum this one is not up to the expected quality.

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Leaves hair soft, smooth, controls flyaways & frizz to a great extent. Does not weigh down hair, even if a tad little more might have b...

First thanks to flipkart for its swift delivery, delivered with good packaging without any damage to the product and it also looks fresh, Good product to use, no flaws with this..

Avoid the scalp, this product is only meant for application on the surface. After applying the serum, you can either choose to dry it naturally or use a hair dryer for quick and easy drying.

The serum spreads evenly and coats your hair to protect it from the harmful effects of heat-using styling tools.

While affordable hair serums like Livon and Hair ‘n Care can fit anyone’s budget, the high-end serums from international brands like L’Oreal, Yves Saint Laurent and Lancôme range from 1500-3000 INR.

Thus, when investing in proper hair care, it is important to select a brand best suited to your hair type.

It spreads easily on both wet and dry hair, doesn't make it heavy at all and detangles quite well.

Sesame Oil – Moisturises and helps condition the hair, aiding combing and adding non-greasy shine.

On the other hand, if your hair's dry, add a few a wonderful product, helps the hair stay in place..