If you fancy a day at the beach in the world’s largest landlocked country, how bizarre is that, then a day here is around , a little more at week-ends. They include the Foster-designed pyramid-shaped Palace of Peace and Reconciliation.

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Gulmira Shambayeva Two hundred thirty people from 14 countries, featuring 38 speakers – this was the scope of the International “Insights into Development” Conference.

The eighth annual conference was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan from June 28-29th, 2017.

Prior to attending the training, Erlik a disability focused organization, did not even keep written records about their consultations with clients. ) public information campaign, which is ran ARGO together with partnering disability focused organizations and sub-grantees in seven regions of Kazakhstan.

Their “filing cabinet” of consultations was in the minds of two key staff members. On February 14-15, 31 Semey print and electronic journalists participated in a training dedicated to correct usage of terminology applicable to people…

Gulmira Shambayeva One of the most significant events during the “Insights into Development” Conference was the launch of the Global Innovation for Change Initiative, involving the Central Asian region, Afghanistan and Mongolia.

The Innovation for Change initiative is a rapidly growing global network of people, online centers and soon to be regional hubs in Africa, Central Asia,…Dating back to the 4 centuries BC, they were all in perfect condition.It looked more like an expensive Fifth Avenue jewellers.Astana’s centrepiece structure is the 97 metre high Baiterek tower, resembling a soccer trophy.I took a gold plated lift to the top for some great views of the city.Flight status, cancellation and delay data provided by