Tencel and Modal: These fabrics, when manufactured by the Austrian company Lenzing, are considered the softest fibers in the world and are sourced from sustainable forests with trees that regrow on their own naturally, such as bamboo, beach, and pine.

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You can click where products are manufactured, all the way down to their subcontractors.

Nudie Jeans are made with 100% organic cotton primarily in Tunisia and Italy.

This estimated 1300 to 1400 pounds per week is then repurposed for car or home insulation.

They have implemented heat saving equipment to recycle heat from commercial dryers which reduces their laundry energy consumption by up to 46%.

, 1873 Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis patented the “blue jean.” Levi’s has been a transcendent leader in the denim industry ever since, and it is no surprise that this continues in the sustainability sphere today.

Through their trademarked Water Give Back Box, where you pack up your old jeans and print a free shipping label, then drop it in the mail where it is sent to charity.Their are transparent with their supply chain: Denim is supplied from Italy, Turkey, or Japan, put together in Tunisia, and washed and finished in both Italy and Tunisia.Their Red Light Denim collection contains 21% recycled cotton made from old jeans worn and recollected in Amsterdam.AG Jeans uses sustainable fibers such as Tencel and Modal to manufacture their jeans, which you can shop for by fit on their website.“Ozone Technology” enables them to reduce their water consumption by 50% and excess fabric scraps are collected for recycling weekly.And at their headquarters in the Netherlands, 40% of the energy generated is through solar panels.