“But what about in ten years, when you are supposed to be twenty-six? “We have thousands of years of knowledge we could share with you, Simon. She worked during the day for an environmental nonprofit, and most of her clothes had animal motifs on them. You could learn how to keep your secret; how to eat and drink, how to speak the name of God. The iron chair was hard and uncomfortable, and he suddenly felt tired. Right now she was wearing a dress tie-dye printed with dolphins and waves, and a pin that had once been a live fish, dipped in resin. - zapyta, zerkajc ostentacyjnie na swoj komrk, ktra powiedziaa mu, e jest 10.30.

“I want to know why you haven’t become part of Raphael’s clan.” * Which is the same as your clan, isn’t it? Raphael had indicated it was a matter for deadly secrecy, and Simon had treated it as such. “I can bear it.” “But you don’t want to.” She ran a gloved finger around the rim of her wineglass, her eyes still fixed on him. “But I’m not sure I’m that curious.” Her eyes held a little spark of surprise and amusement and perhaps, Simon thought, even a little respect. It will not affect their safety, or their well-being. “Until quite recently I led the Manhattan clan, happily. “Raphael is afraid of you, Simon, as well he should be. The wrath of—” The word bit and burned in his mouth, just as it always did. God.” She retracted her hand, but her eyes were warm. The warlock Magnus Bane had stepped in and performed a memory spell on Simon’s mother so that she now had no recollection that he had been missing at all. The last time he had come home from a date with Maia, he had found Elaine in the foyer, sitting in a chair facing the door, her arms crossed over her chest and a look of barely tempered rage on her face.

“I got the strong feeling he didn’t want me to be part of it,” Simon said. And when you do, you will not forget it.” She leaned forward, and her pale hair brushed across his hand. In fact, I’m still not sure why I’m here.” * Camille leaned forward. * But Camille’s eyes were very green and steady, and for some reason he wanted to do what she wanted him to do. “What if I could offer you a way to turn what you regard as a curse into an advantage? The secrecy is for my own protection.” Simon looked at her suspiciously. We had beautiful quarters in an old prewar building on the Upper West Side, not that rat hole of a hotel Santiago keeps my people in now. He wishes me to return, that’s for certain—so he can murder me and take charge of the clan in earnest.” Simon wasn’t sure what she wanted to hear. But the moment I did, I realized that you were what I had been waiting for.” * “I was? You are one of his own, a vampire, but you cannot be harmed or killed; he cannot lift a finger against you without bringing down God’s wrath on his head.” * There was a silence. “There are many secrets of our kind, so many that I can tell you, show you. You probably haven’t seen as many bad movies as I have.” * Camille frowned faintly, a very fine line appearing between her brows. Perhaps it is just that I don’t know many vampires of your generation. That night, he’d been able to hear her breathing before he’d seen her.

Rolling over in bed, he pulled the pillow over his head and dialed Clary’s number.

I saw Alathiel,” she said, when he turned to look at her in surprise. Odp : Nie [To byo atwe] Do Churcha: Suche czy mokre jedzenie ( chyba chodzi o karme ) Church: Mia [ mokre, i / lub myszy] Jocelyn: (tego nie jestem pewna) Czy wydaaby Clary gdyby Valentine znalaz ja gdy bya dzieckiem?

Camille, like Raphael, always spoke stiffly, formally, as if she were in a fairy tale. Archer bared his teeth—flat human teeth—and stalked past him toward the garden, Walker on his heels. ( I ona jako tam nazywa to zdanie ale nie za bardzo rozumiem o co chodzi... Oczy jej zamigotay - Kain rzek do Pana; Zbyt wielka jest kara moja, abym mg j znie. You think you know where every piece fits in the hierarchy.

I’m sure you understand.” * Very delicately, she smiled, showing only the tips of her fangs. “And no longer.” She held out her gloved hand to him. It was a small glass vial, the size that might hold a perfume sample, only it appeared to be full of brownish powder. He felt the force of their glares on him as he walked by and wiggled his fingers at them—a gesture somewhere between a friendly wave and a kiss-off. Zastpi ci jakby, jakby by wiceprezydentem, czy kim w tym rodzaju. “Whether Simon is an anomaly or not, the fact that he can walk in the daylight means there’s more to Downworlders than you know, Valentine.

If you do not summon me within five days I will send Walker for your answer.” * Simon took the vial and slipped it into his pocket. He felt like he should say something else, but he had no idea what. He decided that he’d rather look like one of those weird modern vampires with bad manners than risk getting dragged back into the conversation. * On his way back through the restaurant, he passed Walker and Archer, who were standing by the big wooden bar, their shoulders hunched under their long gray coats. - A gdybym zaproponowaa ci sposb, dziki ktremu to, co uwazasz za kltw stao si zalet? - Poweidza, e bya gow klanu a on obj nad nimi przywdztwo na czas twojej nieobecnoci. Clary saw the sudden flash of concern in his eyes and knew he was cutting her off before she said something she’d regret.

But we will part friends.” She pushed her wineglass away. The chair made a metallic squeaking sound as it dragged over the ground, too loud. - Krzya palcem z w rkawiczce po brzegu swojego kieliszka, wci si w niego wpatrujc. - Rozpoznae moje imi kiedy ci si przedstawiam - powiedziaa Camille. Miaa akcent, ale tak saby, e Simon nie mg go rozpozna. “I know everything—” “I doubt that,” Valentine said. For your brother’s sake, if not your own.” “Enough,” said Luke.

He paused for a moment, listening to the dial tone.

He couldn’t tell her about Camille; he’d promised to keep the vampire’s offer a secret, and while Simon didn’t feel he owed Camille much, if there was one thing he had learned from the past few months, it was that reneging on promises made to supernatural creatures was a bad idea.

* “I never wanted to be a vampire,” Simon said, half-wondering why he was telling these things to this strange woman. When I found out I was a Daylighter, I thought I could have one. I can go to school, I can live at home, I can see my mom and sister—” * “As long as you don’t ever eat in front of them,” said Camille. You have never fed on someone purely human, have you? “He said you were the head of the clan and he was just leading them while you were gone. ” “That everything that passes between us this night, here, remains a secret. ” She shook her head, and her brilliant hair flew around her face. I believe they are loyal to me beneath their fear of him. I am convinced you will see the wisdom of my proposal and join with me.” * “And what exactly is your proposal? Simon swung the door closed behind him and leaned against it, trying to gather his energy to lie. Thankfully his mother went to work early and got back late, and Rebecca, who went to college in New Jersey and only came home occasionally to do her laundry, wasn’t around often enough to notice anything odd. - Nie uwaasz to za osobliwe, kiedy tak potny wampir jak ty, odmawia opuszczenia domu, by zamieszka z klanem?