En juin 2012, Ryan Reynolds est officiellement choisi pour incarner le rôle principal de Conrad Mac Leod dans le prochain reboot d’Highlander.Cependant en juin 2013, l'acteur décide d'abandonner le projet« Si vous faîtes une adaptation de comics, il faut bien le faire. S'ils veulent faire un film comme ça, cela pourrait m'intéresser.” Though those dreams have officially been dashed, let us always carry a flame in our hearts for what could have been.

But according to Blake Lively, the pros of being married to another actor far outweigh the potential cons.

While appearing on , the actress opened up about how being married to Ryan Reynolds has impacted her work."In general, it's nice to have somebody who understands what you're doing.

Tout ce que je peux faire, c’est espérer qu’on ait l’autorisation d’avancer Lors d'une interview en mars 2013, Ryan Reynolds explique qu'un petit lien subtile sera établi pour aborder l’apparition du personnage dans X-Men Origins: Wolverine sans que le personnage de Wolverine apparaisse, l'acteur devient plus sélectif dans ses projets.

En janvier 2012, après avoir été choisi pour le premier rôle masculin au côté de Reese Witherspoon pour incarner le couple des célèbres peintres Walter et Margaret Keane dans le film Big Eyes, produit par Tim Burton.

(How very appropriate that he is the father of two girls.) "He has a natural wit, which he often turns on himself, and he can balance his private and public life with great dexterity. I suspect this is part of what makes him such an appealing performer." In typical self-depricating form, the star responded to the accolade on Twitter: "I thank you from the heart of my bottom for the kindest words ever.

They will be sung by a children's choir at my extravagant funeral." Meanwhile, Blake recently spoke out about her love for her two daughters James (two) and Ines (six months) saying: "I would do anything to protect them.

"Ryan is also rumpled, kind, committed and generous, especially to women.

He likes them in the most simple, direct, unadorned way: for their humanity.

Reynolds debuted on the list, which also included supermodel Ashley Graham, Oscar-winning singer John Legend, Australian actress Margot Robbie and Oscar winner Viola Davis, praised for his acting talents comparing him to Old Hollywood legend Cary Grant in a profile written by his Woman in Gold co-star Helen Mirren.

"He's the Everyman, but somehow with more of everything: wit, elegance, looks and general hunkiness," she wrote.

Sur Green Lantern, j'ai vu à quel point il était difficile de faire quelque chose de crédible et combien cela peut être confus quand on ne sait pas vraiment où l'on va ou comment entrer dans ce monde et plaire aux fans.