I signed a few underground groups and started getting them out there.“I don’t think being famous should stop you from being on your grind and making sure you get paid.

Some people think they’re too famous to get a normal job, but if you’re not able to pay your bills, are you just gonna sit there and go broke?

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“I moved off the estate and onto a main street, but people started putting fan post through the letter box.

I was being recognised, and So Solid Crew were getting more and more famous.“From there, we started getting bookings and our own shows.

They gave me the courage and confidence to become an artist when it didn’t come naturally to me.

They knew that, too - I was always in tracksuits and never wore heels or skirts; I was such a tomboy.

Now I understand, though – I was the only girl, I was very commercial. I just couldn’t turn that down.” But three years later, at the age of 26, Lisa lost her deal. That’s when Lisa decided to go into business and open her own agency, booking gigs for other artists.

It made sense for them to snap me up, it was the next move for So Solid Crew. “I tried to become a bit more business savvy and set up my own agency, UC BOOKINGS.I had the typical haters and wanted to respond to them by saying 'but I won't hesitate'.The studio was absolutely packed with 20 members from So Solid waiting to record their vocals - I was so shy about having to record in front of everyone that I ended up going last."Lisa wasn’t the only one who got a turn at the microphone, either: "My daughter Chelsea is the baby that laughs at the beginning of ’21 Seconds’! ”As for the hype surrounding the track after its release? There was no plan, we were just doing what we loved to do, and that was making great music.”In the years that followed So Solid’s rise to fame, not everyone put their energies into business ventures and several members made the front page of the tabloids.In October 2005, Carl Morgan was sentenced to 30 years for the murder of 24-year-old Colin Scarlett, the partner of his ex-girlfriend. I was affiliated with the wrong people, in the wrong place at the wrong time.“My stylist at the time really wanted me to be girly, though, and when I didn’t like any of the clothes she brought [to the video shoot], she said to me, ‘OK, design something’.