It’s forbidden to meet face to face,” she adds in the tone of a strict teacher.It’s not allowed also to give your personal contacts and communicate with a man outside the site. A girl receives $ 1.5 for each incoming letter from a man, except the first one.

In the database you can find representatives of the stronger sex not only from the USA, but also from Germany, Korea, Greece, Armenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, even from Africa.

The agency’s mission is to find a girl being in need of money and love and register her on the website.

Pretty young Ukrainian girls regularly receive such messages with similar texts on social networks. For a month I have been working on an international dating site and I comprehend how much it is possible to make off on dating sites and how to correspond with a man in order to get a lot of money for that.“You should pretend to be a classy chassy desiring to get married most of all in her life.

Then I filled in a questionnaire where I told a little about myself and described what kind of man I look for.

If a girl does not respond to the letter for more than four days she will be fined 50 cents for each down time day.

There is even a penalty for addressing a man not by his name: if I write for example “Hello, Michael! And finally, it is forbidden to leave the computer, if the webcam is turned on during a chat session.While I fill in the form, the other room is being renovated. There are at least some pieces of furniture, only the bare necessities – tables, chairs, laptops and a cabinet.There are no lattices on the windows, although the room is on the first floor – in which case, it is not difficult to escape.And the websites pay agencies for searching models and translators encouraging the men to pay the sites for the opportunity to correspond with them. However the men do not even suspect that such communication is not a romantic adventure for the women, but a way to make money, and that they are the main link in this circle.What is a woman’s role and fate in I decided to check by my own experience.It is also necessary to attach a photo to each letter.“They’ll more likely fall for a letter with a photo, without it they even cannot react at all. “The men want to see how you look in life, without any photoshop. I wonder how these 50% are calculated.“If only 49% of the breast is covered – will I be fined? She does not get lost with the answer.“A bra, from under which the nipples are not seen, is normal. We’ve only decent girls.”“Do you understand that you’ll work mainly at night?