There are few forms of expression as entrancing as Flamenco.

The varied yet unmistakable flavours of the Iberian Peninsula provide an allure all their own.

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Thus, Prime Minister Erdogan, while championing the Islamic cause, being hailed as “the new hero of the Islamic world,” must keep looking over his shoulder lest he find his body thrown into a Turkish ditch.

In fact, in all countries dominated by Zionist interests, (ALL Western countries), the leaders who ALL cater to the Zionist cabal, are under constant watch by the Jews.

• Enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Barcelona's Liceu Opera house and its private members club.

• Relish an exquisite dinner at the Michelin-starred restaurant Albora, in Madrid.

• Delve into the beauty, art and history of Iberia through intimate guided tours of the Prado, Alhambra, Jeronimo's Monastery and more.

Take a look at your day-by-day itinerary to find out more. (11 Aug, 25 Aug) On these departures, Welcome Drink in Barcelona is served in the Liceu’s famed Mirror Hall.

Or is it because of Jewish control of Turkey’s military establishment which essentially runs the country?

Of pressure from NATO and the EU we cannot be certain of, although it is most likely, both being intimately tied to Zionist interests.

We will be making sure they are safe.” Why then did Erdogan and Turkish officials back down from their original demands when their own citizens were murdered and tortured by the Israelis?

Is it because of pressure from NATO, of which Turkey is a key member, or from the EU, which Turkey is longing to join, that caused Erdogan and his ministers to relent?

But, we be sure that the “Donmeh Jews,” that is, “Crypto Jews,” who run Turkey’s military, put the brakes on Erdogan’s anti-Israel rhetoric.