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Michael mourns the death of his comic book hero, Captain Astro.

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After being chosen "Ad Person of the Year," Brian is encouraged to take his talent to New York City.

This critically acclaimed series brings with it mature stories about facing the challenges of same-sex parenting, discrimination, AIDS/HIV, cancer and morality.

Divina Devore, Pittsburgh's drag queen, comes back to town.

Divina dated Debbie 30 years ago and (s)he looks a lot like Michael. Melanie and Lindsay struggle to get Gus accepted to a private preschool.

Ted leaves his new accounting job to start his own porno website. Thanks to Emmett, Ted's new business flourishes but Lindsay can't stand it.

Michael wonders if one of his first customers could be the love of his life. Michael tries to get back with Ben by proving he can deal with his HIV.It's Lindsay's and Melanie's wedding day and if they can overcome the many obstacles fate has thrown in their path, it promises to be a great day; Brian, Emmett, Ted, George, Vic, Debbie, Michael and Justin pitch in to help.Michael has trouble dealing with the news that Ben once slept with Brian.Focusing on their relationships, their careers, their loves and ambitions, the series is a brave, realistic, funny and sometimes graphic portrayal of society.Entering the world of Brian, Michael, Justin, Emmett, Ted and a lesbian couple, Lindsay and Melanie, we discover characters as real as the people next door doing everyday jobs, raising a child, looking forward to the weekend –all with a strong and healthy interest in romance and sex.Having lost his job, and a pile of money keeping Stockwell away from the mayoral position, Brian finds himself falling on hard times financially, though he refuses to admit it.