The combination of these tools results in a high quality image and a more professional look that people will definitely notice.

It doesn’t have to cost much to produce a quality looking image from your webcam.

Putita en web cam-2

Now that you’ve seen it, you’ll see “catch lights” in everything you watch on TV and film. I said I was using a three-point lighting setup but in reality I’m only using two lights.

The third light in a three-point lighting setup would traditionally be placed behind and above my head and shoulders in order to put some light onto one side of my hair and shoulders.

I’m using the Logitech C920 plugged into my i Mac with an app called Webcam Settings that allows me to control critical elements of my camera like white balance, brightness, contrast, focus, etc.

For Windows users, the C920 comes with some software that will allow you to control the camera.

A higher contrast look like I have here may not look as good depending on the shape of your face or desired result.

You can often get a more flattering look by using flat lighting or something that creates a softer shadow. Other factors included in getting a great looking image from your webcam include the webcam itself and software to control that camera manually.

This helps to separate the subject from the background, creating more depth to your image and preventing you from blending in with the background.

In my example, I’m actually using a little trick that I like to use in order to get a three-point look out of two lights.

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