Emotional abuse often begins subtly and increases in severity over time.Batterers use emotional abuse gain power and control over their victims.Schedule I drugs are available for research only and have no approved medical use; Schedule II drugs are available only by prescription (unrefillable) and require a form for ordering.

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Nerve cells, called neurons, send messages to each other by releasing special chemicals called neurotransmitters.

Neurotransmitters are able to work by attaching to key sites on neurons called receptors.

If your partner displays a combination of these behaviors, he/she may be a batterer and abuser: Emotional abuse can escalate into physical violence under certain circumstances.

Here are some risk factors associated with an increased severity in abuse: If you recognize any of these patterns or warning signs, you are not alone.

Cocaine Cocaine causes the body's blood vessels to become narrow, constricting the flow of blood. It forces the heart to work harder to pump blood through the body.

(If you've ever tried squeezing into a tight pair of pants, then you know how hard it is for the heart to pump blood through narrowed blood vessels.) When the heart works harder, it beats faster.

Scientists are already working to create fake cocaine for use as a treatment.

This chemical would attach to the dopamine transporter just like real cocaine does, but it wouldn't block dopamine's normal movement back into neurons.

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