Wendy F.: I'm sorry that you weren't aware of our auto-renewal policy.

Since you are currently within 30 days of the auto renewal, the system would drop you down to a one month subscription.

[email protected]: I had turned off autorenew a month ago.

Paula Paulette is going to be 80 in April — and she’s online dating.

And she’s not just looking for someone to eat ice cream and play bingo with.

I joined match in 2016 and have used it on and off since then with some success. I canceled my subscription but they somehow re-activated it and charged me for 3 months - they make it almost impossible to cancel, you have to click on a link and then it asks for your password - then it doesn't let you in. BUT I had heard from others disasters that I had to turn off auto-renew as to not get charged without my approval first. I STILL got charged $130 even though I went on the site and officially cancelled the whole account THE SAME DAY!

I signed up to last month and it's also very good the first time ive found a site that compares well with match. During that time I met an amazing guy so i no longer needed match. I got contacted by many obviously fake profiles Somehow MATCH. He called twice after I told them he was being charged and I called them to cancel. Then saw 2 days later that the charge still went through on my card.

[email protected]: What was the full term amount charged? Wendy F.: It doesn't appear that the automatic renewal was ever turned off, so thats why your subscription renewed. Wendy F.: The refund would be in the amount of .01, which represents the difference in price after converting your subscription to the one month package. This is because you initially purchased a package subscription, which includes three of our Premium Services at a discounted price. Wendy F.: Unfortunately, the system only allows us to issue a refund for .01. Wendy F.: We can only process a partial refund on your account. Also be assured that I will let others single people know about this. Wendy F.: Per your request, I have issued a refund in the amount of .01, and it was processed immediately.

Wendy F.: Please let us know if you would like to proceed with the partial refund. Keeping my will end up costing your company more than that in fewer future subscriptions and bad publicity. It was successfully processed on my end, but may take 3-5 business days for your financial institution to receive.

But Paulette is looking for more than just companionship.

“I have known great joys in my life, children and grandchildren,” she says.

In April, Stitch.net, a Tinder-like dating app for the over-50 set, launched, and it’s set to debut a local New York section next month.