Sophie's current sugar daddy is a personal trainer with a celebrity client list. He has given her a one-bedroom house of her own near Bromley and presented her with a brand new £18,000 Toyota MR2 sports car just two months after meeting her.They do have sex, and she says: 'I love him,' although whether she'd love him if he was a street sweeper is an open question.

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Her parents - a property developer and a housewife - live in a four-bedroom, four-bathroom house with a gym and a pool in Spain.

'I've always dated wealthy men, even though I've not really been attracted to them,' Natalie muses.

'They are desperate for me to match them with our millionaire members.

'One posh girl in her early 30s approached me at a swish members club in West London and said she'd be willing to date any man up to the age of 80.' What's interesting about the new breed of gold-digger is that they tend to be well-educated and come from good families.

So, has she ever had to offer sex with a sugar daddy to secure a lavish gift?

'Some of these men do want more at the end of the night,' she concedes, without actually answering the question.

A man exists not as an equal partner in a kind, loving, relationship, but merely as someone to be fleeced for as much money as possible.

How depressing and how insulting to the millions of women who don't live their lives according to these mercenary rules. The message it delivers is one that has been subtly gaining currency in recent times and not just on film.

It all reduces human interaction to the level of a business deal.

Still, it is the women's attitudes that are so shocking. Did it ever occur to Sophie or Heather or all the other young women who now aspire to be golddiggers, that they could work to provide a life for themselves rather than just expect a guy to buy it for them?

A new French film opens in the UK this week called Priceless.