But later, when Matt’s away at work (which he often is), it begins to hail — or at least, so Shelby thinks.She goes outside to see teeth raining from the sky and, understandably, is a little freaked out.

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It’s all very “Blair Witch Project.” Later, Lee and Shelby show Matt the video.

Matt, again, is convinced it’s the work of the hillbillies.

Matt is thrilled with their find, but Shelby immediately feels… Matt, ever rational, figures Shelby might just be shaken up from the loss of their child.

Later, when the two are having sex, they hear guttural (dare I say demonic? Matt braves the yard to find that someone’s torn it apart, and a piece of trash even flies toward his head.

When Matt goes away on business, though, it gets even spookier. ,” and when no one answers her calls, she heads to the yard and relaxes in their outdoor tub.

Wandering the hallways of their house alone, Shelby sees two women walk past. That’s when several hands appear, pushing her head underwater and trying to drown her.

And just a bit later, an empty bottle of wine rolls into Lee’s room as she tries to sleep — and she immediately accuses Shelby.

What better to distract the two bickering sisters-in-law than a strange noise in the basement?

Right off the bat, Lee and Shelby don’t get along, and the strange occurrences don’t help matters.