"Naruto turned and spotted someone who he didn't recognize at first…until he looked a bit further at her face.(Why does she look so familiar to me?

)End of Flashback…Naruto learned later from Kakashi that he was being accompanied by Uzuki Yuugao…an ANBU that he had trained with years before in his time in the military arm of Konoha, and she was Gekkou Hayate's former girl friend.

In this case, it is none other an one the few female ANBU…Uzuki Yuugao.

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Naruto at first disliked the idea, but Tsunade was more than capable of convincing him to take the mission/vacation…actually, she once more used her power to convince the hyperactive teen to take the mission, and if there was one thing Naruto learned, it was to never argue with Tsunade when she was really in a bad mood.

However, he didn't dislike Tsunade and considered her as family and in a way…he didn't mind the trip.

Many people thought that such tactics was a bad idea, namely those who were afraid of Akatsuki getting their hands on Naruto, however Tsunade was adamant on the idea of keeping Naruto on the move and she felt that with each experience, Naruto would be able to improve his own abilities.

Plus the vacation was needed in order for him to deal with other matters, apart from finding Sasuke all over again.

Hinata was not around for today as she was busy working with Shino, Kiba and Akamaru on several details around the village until Kurenai was fully recovered from giving birth to her child…who turned out to be a boy.

Everyone was busy and here he was…riding a large liner and heading back home to Konoha…It would take several days before they made it back to Konoha so he might as well enjoy himself even if this vacation was not what he had in mind in the first place.

Tsunade and her team mate Jiraiya were among the very few who truly knew about Naruto's relationship to the Fourth Hokage, and who his mother was.

He so resembled them both it was uncanny and she wanted him to survive to fulfill his dream…granted her method was a bit off the wall, but it worked as Naruto grew even stronger.

They had done their mission to deliver the Hokage's message to the leader they had to visit, but to his disappointment, they found no trace of either Sasuke or Orochimaru.