This set of sixteen special stamps features numerals from 0 to 9 and the “ ”, “-“, “x”, “÷”, “%” and “=” symbols.

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Hongkong Post is pleased to unveil a set of six stamps under the theme “Festive Customs”.

They show six common Hong Kong folk customs, including Putting Up Spring Festival Scrolls, Throwing Wishing Placards, Offering First Incense, Spinning Wheels of Fortune, Drawing Chinese Fortune Sticks and Unicorn Dance.

This is an important way to promote sign language and Braille for a more inclusive society. Special lenticular printing makes the “Inclusive Communication” message in sign language come alive.

Numbers and symbols are indispensable in everyday communication.

With a long history, many plays have become “core classics” and household names.

Hongkong Post proudly launches a set of six stamps that presents all-time Cantonese opera classics: The Story of Princess Changping, The Moon Pavilion, Lord Guan Gong Releasing Lady Diao Chan, The Princess in Distress, Butterfly Lovers and Lady Zhaojun Departing for the Frontier.Start the New Year with greetings from two Chinese zodiac animals.This stamp sheetlet brings together the rooster and the dog to imbue the Lunar New Year with high spirits and vitality.Featuring fire and ambulance appliances and uniforms from different decades, this issue looks back on the evolution of the Fire Services Department in firefighting, rescue and ambulance services, as well as mobilising and communications over the years.Committed to fulfilling its mission of “Serving with Courage, Passion and Commitment”, the department has sought continuous improvement on all fronts and has gained the respect and admiration of the people of Hong Kong.The overwhelming success of his works is attributable not only to arresting storylines but also to the multi-dimensional characters with distinctive personalities.