It was brought back first in Brazil on TBS on Novmber 3, 2014, and in the remainder of the region on I. In Canada, Adult Swim programming has historically aired on Teletoon's own late-night block, .A domestic version was launched in 2012 as a late-night block on the Canadian version of Cartoon Network; a sibling to Teletoon.

Since then though, the block was discontinued and the home entertainment releases of Adult Swim shows have dried up.

As of September 2015, Fox UK aired a 90 minute Adult Swim block on Thursday, with the shows repeated Saturday.

This service has primarily focused on Japanese anime, despite the company being a wider Australian publisher of locally-developed and international niche films.

(In fact, shortly before Adult Swim premiered, Toonami ran a late night block from 1999-2003 called the Midnight Run showcasing uncut versions of Toonami titles, which evidently served as the precursor to Adult Swim.) and animated comedy (both originally produced and FOX acquisitions).

Latin America used to have Adult Swim via Cartoon Network and later I. It mostly showed Adult Swim original cartoons (with a great deal of the bumps explicitly stating they would never show anime even though they did later on).

Unfortunately, it ran only Friday through Sunday at very late hours, and apparently people didn't get most of the jokes, so it was canceled not long after it debuted.The block is notable for its idiosyncratic commercial bumpers (bumps), its strange and cynical but often hilarious original programming, its habit of openly teasing and/or bashing those fans who complain about its near-weekly- and never advertised- schedule changes (especially when April Fools' Day is concerned), and being nearly the only place on American basic analog cable TV to run anime not aimed at children.It also has, shall we say, an eclectic collection of original free-to-play games on its website ().Saturdays usually mix comedies with North American dubs of anime, with the latter programming taking up the majority of the network's airtime on this night.Weekday evenings are reruns of comedies, both original or otherwise.Viewers appreciate this for obvious reasons, and they can sometimes have up to 5 uninterrupted minutes of commercial time to leave the TV and do other things before the next show comes on.