Hiya I am having some trouble with my email at the minute.....

I can send emails but anyone trying to send them to me are bouncing back to them.....

microsoft outllook updating inbox-29

Microsoft outllook updating inbox video

I only receive email if I send an email from my [email protected] to my [email protected] If your account was moved to a new server and you are not using the In Motion Hosting name servers, then you will need to reach out to the administrator of your name servers for your domain, to have them update the DNS records to route the domain to the new location.

However, I can send email from my [email protected] to other addresses and I receive it. I recommend contacting whomever you purchased the domain from for guidance on how to change the name servers/DNS.

And in the 2 case above, I can see the emails on my different devices. As it's a professionnal address, it's quite annoying. Since you are receiving mail locally and able to send but not receive from other addresses, this corroborates the fact that the DNS has not been updated. Hello, I have a person whose emails seem to be quite delayed. For example, this morning she received several emails that were sent to her on Friday morning. Due to this problem, she was logged in directly to the Inmotion Webmail site. I need to figure out why the emails are not getting even to her Webmail as they are time sensitive. Hello, If they are not showing up in the webmail then they have not been received by the server.

I would recommend contacting technical support so they can review the logs to see if there were any delivery errors when the message was originally sent.

If you are able to send/receive emails through their website, then you will need to trouble shoot your Mac Mail client.

If you are using an email address provided by Spectrum, you would need to use their recommended settings to set up Mac Mail on your Mac Book Pro.Best Regards, Kyle M to receive or send emails for some unknown reason.This just started this week and I have no clue how to fix it. I'm sorry to see about your email sending/receiving issues.One client is not receiving notifications when someone makes a request (neither his hotmail nor his gmail are receiving notifications).I receive them with no problem on my yahoo email, but I do not get them through my work email, which is set up through outlook. Thanks, Joe Joe, are you receiving any bounceback messages?I am also computer illiterate so please have patience. Are you able to send/receive emails through Spectrum's website?