Mike Tyson says in his book, Undisputed Truth that he once saw a blond who he thought was a woman get out of his then-wife's car. we were just going over some lines" with a terrified look on his face.

The blond was none other than a disheveled Brad Pitt who said "Dude, don’t strike me . Nic Cage, who's one of the easiest actors to make fun of in Hollywood today, thanks to a bad hairdo and questionable movie choices, was once the most sought after player in the game.

Also, with audiences world over waking up to the power of cinema, actors are no longer restricted to one particular geographical location.

With their amazing on-screen work and fascinating off-screen lives, actors become legends and their stories become urban tales. The 40th President of the United States of America was primarily an actor before actively venturing into politics.

After doing time in prison and rehab center, Downey turned his life around and how!

The initial reason for keeping up this charade was that his mother, June, had gotten pregnant with him at the age of 16 with someone unknown (he still doesn’t know, but doesn’t care to find out either).

He reportedly denied doing Matrix as it was being shot in Australia and he didn't think he was mature as an actor for it.

According to Vanity Fair, Michael contacted a witch doctor in Mali to finish off his perceived enemies, those that include David Geffen and Steven Spielberg.

When they bend down, you see different patterned thongs.

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Actors are the reflection of the stories they tell; which in turn are the reflection of the society we live in.