For the show's season finale, the final three contestants flew to Philippoussis' hometown of Melbourne, Australia to meet his family.

He is scheduled back in court in January next year.

Despite dealing with the matter privately, it is thought the hunky tennis star's wife Silvana has been a rock in difficult times.

Each week Philippoussis would accompany one or two of the women on a private date, and at the end of each episode would ask all but one of the women if they would continue to see him.

The rejected woman would be eliminated; this continued each week until just one remained.

Taking to Instagram in August, Silvana posted a throwback of the couple's wedding to celebrate their fourth anniversary together, calling Mark, 'the love of her life,' in a touching tribute. I love you more than you could ever know,' the mother-of-one wrote.

She added she was proud of her husband for the man he was and was becoming.

But the golf and Angel’s smoking is not what I remember the most.

What I remember the most about the telecast was the commercials, specifically the one previewing NBC’s new dating show, “Age of Love”, which features tennis’s very own Mark Philippoussis trying to decide if he wants to get it on with a bunch of 20-year-old or 40-year-old “women” on TV for the world to see.

Yesterday, Tiger was on the leaderboard at the US Open in Oakmont where he eventually finished second behind some overweight smoker named Angel Cabrera.

And if Tiger’s in the mix at a Slam on the final day I sometimes tune in.

Mark Philippoussis is straight and is pretty "gay".