But lead is especially toxic to babies, children and pregnant women.It doesn’t take much lead to create a toxic situation. “We’re talking an amount as small as the equivalent of a packet of Sweet’N Low – just that small amount is enough to contaminate the floors of a dozen homes in Grand Rapids,” said Haan.

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.)California has enacted landmark legislation to prevent childhood lead poisoning.

This legislation has established the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch (CLPPB), a children's environmental health program offering multi-layered solutions to this complex problem.

Held on the heels of the national Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, the event brought together about 40 parents and Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan representatives plus Kent County Commissioner Robert S. Representatives from Home Repair Service, the Kent County Health Department and Legal Aid also attended.

“We need to hear from the community – and especially the parents – about how lead exposure can be prevented in the first place,” Haan said.

WAUKESHA — Waukesha has hired a primary contractor for its $206 million project to access water in Lake Michigan.

Chicago engineering firm “Greeley & Hansen” will led the way on the project, which is expected to take five years to complete.

“There have been a lot of things done in our community to prevent lead exposure over the years.

While these things initially worked well, they are no longer resulting in fewer children being poisoned as they used to.

Today, her daughter is a thriving 12-year-old at City Middle School in Grand Rapids.

And Adams has already had her 2-year-old son tested for lead – no detectable lead was found.

The plan is to build pipelines to connect Waukesha to Oak Creek’s water pipes, and a return system into the Root River which will carry the water back into Lake Michigan.