Kim Victoria Cattrall wurde 1956 in Widnes bei Liverpool geboren, zog nach der Geburt mit den Eltern nach Kanada, wuchs auf Vancouver Island auf und kehrte mit elf Jahren nach England zurück, wo sie neben der Schule an der London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art studierte.

Home is also Toronto, where Cattrall still has many old friends from the days when she was part of the city’s 1970s alternative-theatre scene.

It was a world away from sleepy Vancouver Island, but her family cheered her along, driving halfway across the country to Toronto to see her star as Janet in the The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

1987 war Kim Cattrall im Musikvideo „Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now“ von Grace Slick und Starship zu sehen.

Kim Cattrall wurde 2003 als Beste Nebendarstellerin für „Sex and the City“ mit dem Golden Globe, und 2008 mit dem Ehrenpreis des Banff World Television Festival ausgezeichnet.

Die attraktivste Blondine der TV-Geschichte, die als nymphomane New Yorker PR-Beraterin und Supersingle Samantha Jones in der HBO-Serie „Sex and the City“ (94 Folgen 1998-2004) und in den gleichnamigen Kinofilmen (20) als Uptown-Lady mit Ablästern, offenem Sextalk und offensivem Paarungsverhalten das Alter für sexaktive Frauen jenseits der 30 um zwei Jahrzehnte verlängerte.

Kim Cattrall kaufte man die Powerblondine und die Femme Fatale mit Lust auf Feuerwehrmänner und jüngere Date-Partner blind ab.If the parts weren’t deeply written, their paydays allowed her to keep returning to the theatre. Like Samantha, Claire will not be denied what she desires.SATC, which came along in 1998, finally mined Cattrall’s unique talents, giving her a role that blended aggressive sexuality, physical comedy and haughty urbanism that glanced back to the grand old days of female vamps like Mae West. “I was looking for something that was so completely different, but that had aspects of what I had been doing,” Cattrall explains.With Samantha Jones, Cattrall was both everybody’s fantasy and nobody’s baby. She enjoyed being back in the land of her birth, and back onstage: The following year, she starred as an abandoned wife in David Mamet’s crushing drama The Cryptogram.In the new film, Samantha is the same sexually brazen, independent woman, now bicoastal and five years into a mon­ogamous relationship. A., tending to the personal and professional needs of her hunky actor boyfriend and PR management client Smith Jerrod, though she jets back to New York often enough to shop and lunch and drink and gossip with Charlotte, Miranda and Carrie. When she returned to this side of the pond, she made herself a new home, buying an apartment on the Upper East Side.People came back into my life that I hadn’t seen for a very long time.” Home is still Vancouver Island, where her middle-class British family – her father was a builder and ex-officer of the British Army, her mother a housewife – settled after leaving post-war Liverpool in the late 1950s.