National Youth Administration (NYA) (1935) Created by Executive Order as a subdivision of the WPA.

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The list of programs is as complete as you will find anywhere.

For each New Deal program, there is a summary of the law, agency, goals and achievements, as well as key actors and legacies.

Frazier-Lemke Farm Bankruptcy Act (1934) Protected farms from creditor repossession.

Banking Act (1935) Restructured and centralized the Federal Reserve Bank.

Put unemployed, unskilled young men to work on rural and park improvements.

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) (1933) Created under the Tennessee Valley Authority Act.Paid private contractors to build large-scale projects proposed by states.Civil Works Administration (CWA) (1933) Created by Executive Order as temporary work relief under FERA.These are based heavily on primary sources (which are cited) and are as accurate as possible.National Industrial Recovery Act (1933) Created National Recovery Administration (NRA).Introduced measures to reduce crop supply, stabilize prices and support farm incomes.