As was typical, Berger was owned and operated by the city, and then, a generation later, jointly by both the city and surrounding Pickaway County.

Last November, however, Circleville’s voters chose another direction, one that, in other places, has resulted in an economic hit to the community—mostly in the form of job losses and stagnant wages—as well as a lowered quality of care.

Spectral atlases are the fingerprints of stars and give insights into almost all of their physical properties like temperature, pressure, velocities and chemical composition.

The first paper contains a new spectral atlas of the Sun and proves for the first time that a night-telescope instrument can reach a quality comparable to a specialized solar instrument.

At the urging of city and county leaders, and Berger’s administrators, residents voted to allow local politicians and the hospital’s board to begin a process to turn Berger, one of the last publicly owned and operated hospitals in the state, into a nonprofit private corporation.

Following that, Berger would most likely be integrated into a larger regional system, probably the Columbus-based nonprofit Ohio Health, with which Berger has an ongoing relationship.

The latter quantity represents the photon noise relative to the signal strength from the star and thus the quality of the spectra.

Previously available S/N for work on astrophysical parameters was typically several hundred at a spectral resolution lambda/delta-lambda of at most 100,000.The 48 stellar atlases in the second paper include the northern Gaia benchmark stars as well as other Morgan-Keenan standard stars.Spectra of these targets were not available at the given resolution and signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) before.Cryptocurrencies are tanking after report of shutdown in South Korea. Mothers began to deliver babies in hospitals instead of at home, and birthing (and, in more recent years, pre-natal care) became big business for community hospitals.Major cryptocurrencies were down as much as 15% Thursday morning after a Reuters report said South Korea had a bill in the works to ban cryptocurrency trading. CEO Kevin Mansell told CNBC that Kohl's would lease out unused space in some of its stores to retailers such as grocery stores and convenience stores. China's Shanghai Composite ( 0.23%) eked out a gain, while Germany's DAX (-0.18%) clings to losses. Not only would Berger help improve the health of Circleville residents, but it was expected to be a sign of modern welfare that would attract business executives and workers.The hospital and the local leaders campaigned hard for that approval, but not because it was the ideal future they envisioned.