"I’m an only child and my mom comes from a bit of a tough background, so we’ve always been really close," explains the Foxborough, MA, native.

"But for a while it was like an unhealthy closeness because we came up so poor and suddenly embarked on this crazy journey together — and she was both my mom my manager." It took separating — both in business and in her personal life — for the pair to eventually make their relationship work. But finally getting her freedom and signing a new record deal with Atlantic Records didn't mean making a new album was easy.

Do you remember where you were in life when Jo Jo's "Leave (Get Out)" was playing almost inescapably on the radio? At 16, I was teenager with a penchant for lying on the basement floor while listening to lyrics that would later wind up as not-so-subliminal AOL Instant Messenger statuses.

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The artist had been creating music for , but for legal reasons, Jo Jo couldn't use any of her previously recorded music on her new project. "But thankfully, life continues on and is always giving you inspiration if you keep your eyes open." Unfortunately for Jo Jo, life went in a unexpected direction when her father passed away at age 60.

"I was like, ‘Yo, I’ve already said so much that people will never be able to hear! Father and daughter had just recently begun to repair their relationship, which had long been strained because of his substance abuse issues.

But before we get to the juicy stuff, let's start with what's most important thing: Jo Jo is back, y'all. But a years-long legal battle with her original record label, Blackground Records, is the reason you haven't heard new Jo Jo music on the radio since about 2006.

Despite losing their ability to distribute music, the label kept the singer frozen in her contract, forcing her to sue — not once, but twice.

Fox may have a (demonstrably justifiable) hair-trigger reputation when it comes to cancelling shows it once heralded.

However, one series that avoided the network's repertory wrath this season was Lethal Weapon.

Then, Jo Jo was just an innocent, inexperienced 13-year-old when she sang, "Get out / Right now / It's the end of you and me" so powerfully it brought chills to even the most anti-pop listener.

But while eating spicy Ethiopian doro wat with our hands at a dimly lit restaurant in New York's Hell's Kitchen last month, we laughed at the fact that — back in 2004 — neither of us had any idea that one day we'd both be able to say we had actually "kicked a motherfucker out of the house." Yes, during a September interview over lunch ahead of her new album , out October 14, Jo Jo and I got to talking about fuckboys. Since the release of her chart-topping sophomore studio album 10 years ago, the singer has released a handful of popular EPs, mixtapes, and singles, including 2011's "Disaster" and a cover of Drake's "Marvin's Room" that quickly went viral.

However, the new management will prove to be extremely awkward for Murtaugh, since he has a past with his new boss that's surging with sexual tension; something that could also affect his marriage with Trish.

The character should create an entirely new dynamic at the precinct.

Her ode to him, "Music," is the first song on the new album — and the last one she recorded.