As a bonus, the rhythm of the narrative also feels different than the usual kdrama rom-com journey, which I find to be a welcome change.

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To my eyes, her legs literally looked like they were too thin for her body.

Once I saw that, I couldn’t see it, unfortunately, and that little detail continued to distract me through the rest of my watch. The humor might not work for you all the time In general, the humor in this show worked better for me than most of the broad comedy that is commonly employed in kdramas.

Cao Guang (Bai Yu) smearing her reputation doesn’t even give her pause.

She does what she can to set the record straight, but doesn’t let it get to her when he’s a jerk and refuses to believe her.

CAVEATS It’s important to keep in mind that this show has its flaws, some of which are easier to overlook than others. I actually cringed at some of their scenes; sometimes, he looked like he was modeling instead of acting; sometimes, I found the breathy-cutesy rather awkward on her.

To help you get the most out of your watch experience, here’s a bunch of stuff to keep in mind. On a slight tangent, Wei Wei being so in awe of Xiao Nai all the time took some getting used to, because I had her in my mind as a pretty cool chick who could hold her own in almost any circumstance.

I found myself quite nicely amused a fair amount of the time.

Having said that, though, there were times where I felt like the humor was losing me, a little bit.

I found it quite distracting and just a bit much, overall. Sometimes the romance is laced with creepy I do like that Xiao Nai, for all of his detached coolness, is so into Wei Wei.