But there are giant inflatable animals to hide underneath, where friendships with drunk Danish people can be forged.Of course, the enormous pink cow has both horns and an udder, lest anyone feel left out. MORE LITTLE-KNOWN EUROPEAN SUMMER MUSIC FESIVALS Celebrate the last days of summer: that's the message of the inaugural Unknown festival besides the Adriatic sea.Camping and some other options have already sold out, but you can still get an apartment in the nearby old town from £26 per person per night Poland's electro festival Burn Selector is pitching up in Warsaw for the first time in 2013, headlined by previously elusive Swedish duo the Knife.

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Many attendees have been before, and it's not just the punters who love it.

When I visited last year, singer-songwriter Sondre Lerche was high up the bill.

But this does throw up spectacular curiosities like Jahn Tiegan, who looks like Iggy Pop crossed with Lionel Blair, and is, according to my guide, "Norway's Rolf Harris".

He pulls Mr Bean faces as he shouts through his bizarre back catalogue and it's completely, brilliantly bonkers.

Normally such wide-eyed naivety would stoke the inner cynic in me, but there's something about this place that makes me resist judgement, and I come away from the experience a little wide-eyed myself. Ålesund itself is an art-nouveau toytown built between 19 after a fire destroyed the settlement, and the surrounding countryside is a breathtaking, film-set-perfect jumble of mountains and fjords.

Sommerfesten takes place on Giske, a miniscule island roughly 15 minutes from the town.I have high expectations." Again, this is down to its hippy-like, village fete approach.Lerche got to Alesund a few days earlier to make use of the founders' studio, a picturesque building perched on the coastline.The hippy ideals of Sommerfesten, a music festival on the Norwegian coast, are as pure as its stunning backdrop of mountains and fjords.Plus five more European festivals Tell us about your summer festival plans in the comments below The tiny Sommerfesten music festival in Ålesund holds such utopian ideals that its motto – "Peace, Love and Understanding" – is delivered completely straight-faced.A collaboration between Hideout, the Warehouse Project and Field Day, the five-day event's bill includes the Horrors, Django Django, Sbtrkt, Four Tet, Jessie Ware and Lindstrøm.