Give him a skateboard and he turns into a superhero on four wheels. Celebrity whom I'd ask for an autograph: Lil Wayne.

But beyond the board, he's just a regular kid trying to figure it all out.

the dvd was brand new in the package no damages whatsoever exacty as described.

On his mother’s side, Ryan is the grandson of Thomas F.

Walsh and Dianne Marie Blank (the daughter of Charles John Blank and Mary Jane Roach).

Sources: Genealogy of Ryan Sheckler (focusing on his father’s side) – paternal grandfather, Daniel Alfred Sheckler, on the 1920 U.

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At just 17, Ryan, a skateboarding phenom who got on his first board at just 18 months old, already has everything a boy could ever dream of having.

Ryan Sheckler's tale is a coming-of-age story set against an almost superhero-like existence.

I especially enjoyed watching him build his business and seeing the struggles and dedication it takes to run a business while still being a celebrity skateboarder.thank you so much!!

i ordered the life of ryan series in june i just didn't get a chance to review it until now.

Yes, Ryan travels the world showing off his skills, but his omnipresent mother, who is also his manager, is always right by his side. Lately, I've been surprised by: How bad my streak with girls is getting. Heaven on earth is: Wahoos — it's this great fast-food place in my hometown.