You can also find inexpensive items slightly used that may be just what you need, such as a washer or dryer for a fracture of new items (such as when someone upgrades their stuff or has an estate sale.) Christian artist Randy Welborn brings the fifties back to life in his Moments to Remember series of paintings, depicting Beaumont, Texas as it appeared in the fifties with classic cars, movie posters, neon lights, and more.

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This is a topic that is near and dear our our hearts.

”Instead, keeping Christ in Christian dating relationships should be the focus.

So many enter a relationship with the attitude of, “What can I get out of it?

It may take years for that prayer to be answered, but don’t loose heart.

Make a prayer list of other things and put “husband”or “wife” on it.

If someone struggles with addictions like alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling, or something else, don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can change them after you are married.

If someone is already headed in a direction that is contrary to God take notice of it and beware.

Sometimes friends are too quick to judge and pass out advice.