The platform gathers associated gas from about nine production platforms and compresses the gas prior to transporting through a 20-in. The key components of the Meren GGCP, include: two 50% gas compression trains, two 100% turbine generator sets, one essential power generation package rated at 650-k W, one platform crane, and a flare system designed to handle emergency flare from the platform and the connected production platform which has capacity to handle 170 MMcf/d.Over the winter of 2003 I removed both the main and mizzen masts for a complete overhaul of Sarah's running rigging.

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JV, was installed in late December 2014 at the Meren field offshore Escravos, Nigeria, in approximately 50 ft of water.

The platform is part of the JV’s Escravos Gas Project Phase 3 Stage 2 to end routine gas flaring in Chevron Nigeria’s North Offshore Operational Area.

For the markings below 100' I now have only the faintest of colors.

In 2010 I replaced the painted markers with collored cable-ties.On the right are the color-coded depth markers for the anchor chain. At first it seemed a little difficult to use, but after studying it for a bit I recognized that it could be very effective.The basis of the coding are the three colors plus bare chain, each of which represents a number as shown below Bare Chain =0 Red = 1 Yellow = 2 (Yandina used white) Blue = 3 White in the diagram represents bare chain.Dynamic positioning float-over installation of the integrated topsides onto the jacket substructure followed by the installation of ancillaries such as connecting bridges to existing production platform and emergency flare towers were completed on Jan. The topsides, weighing about 7,000 tons, were fabricated and assembled in Ulsan, Korea.The jacket, piles, and ancillaries, weighing almost 3,000 tons combined, were fabricated in Nigeria under an EPCI contract with Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI).I think the strength of the scheme is that it is symmetrical, you can read it easily from either direction, and it should be readable even if the marker is under several feet of water.